Enhanced Services


In-Bound Text Messaging

We can now receive text messages from your customer or employee, manage an SMS cell number database for you, and send important marketing information or notifications to members of your database as directed. We can do this with short-code technology (example text: SALES to 77948). Try it!

Your Customers Can Communicate 24/7 With Our Call Center Via The Web

We can place a "Contact Us" button on your web site that will be acted on by our operators just as if your customers had called your office. This enables a quick response to sales and service requests instead of an email sitting in your inbox. We can also place a "Live Chat" button on your web site where your customers can interact with us live and not leave your site before completing their transaction.

Enhanced Email Management Services

Inbound emails from your customers are presented immediately on our operators’ screens for fast reply and action. Let us manage your sales@ or info@ general email addresses and don’t miss an important message.

Email Request Management Services

Let us manage your email requests to Info@yourbusiness.com, sales@yourbusiness.com and support@yourbusiness.com.

Local Telephone Numbers For Out-Of-Area Locations

Use a local number from almost anywhere in the USA for your customers to call in place of a long distance or a toll free number. This gives you a “local presence” in different markets. Forward lines from a remote location to a local DID directly to our Contact Center.

Out-Bound Text Messages

You can complement your media campaigns or employee alert system with fast bulk outbound messaging. Just send us your Cell phone database or have us create one for you.

PAS Sentry

Our system has been integrated with high-tech video analysis software. With user defined/scheduled triggering events such as a person or an automobile entering a monitored area, our call center agent is alerted to the situation with a video clip and is guided through the handling of the matter with the scripted instructions that are laid out by you.   The end result...we can successfully monitor and administer potential issues through the use of this prompted software system.

Secure Email Services

HIPAA and other confidentiality issues can be satisfied using our secure email server.

Secure Messaging Services

Our 'Cloud Based' messaging service is fully integrated with our call center solution and can be utilized across many industries. This virtual pager service resides on Smartphones (or your iPad), with multiple paging functionalities and benefits including:
  • Consolidation of Devices
  • Confirmation of Delivery and Read
  • Continuous alert & Repeated delivery - Never lose a message!
  • Convenience - Full reply capabilities
  • Compliance - Secure HIPAA service, Full audit trail and message logs
  • Coverage - Global with cellular data or WiFi