This story took place on Thanksgiving Day. I was on-call... for the midnight shift. An intoxicated man called the hotline and Ginny took the call. This man was extremely intoxicated and very difficult to talk to, but Ginny got a lot of very specific information right off the bat. He requested to talk to the on-call counselor, making bizarre statements like "my family is trying to turn me into a psychopath". So Ginny called me and passed on the information, that he was talking about "killing himself" and that he was slurring his speech and easily agitated.

Well, I called this man back.. he was definitely "Three Sheets to the Wind"... and was about as agitated as a person can get. ....I was having difficulty establishing rapport with him. He kept saying, "I need help", yet could not follow my instructions to call 911. He then became so upset he would hang up on me.....

Well, the fourth time he hung up on me was the time he decided not to answer the phone when I called him back.....

Luckily, Ginny called me about that time and told me that he had called her and reported that he had just "slashed his wrist" and then hung up and Ginny told me directly and straightforward, "I believe him." Well, obviously that was a "game changer". Ginny and I began trying to figure out where he said he had called from and Ginny remembered he was calling from Franklin. Then we started to brainstorm and we finally decided to try the reverse look up number via Google......we were happy to see that the results indicated a Franklin address and we agreed that the best thing to do was to call for a "well-being" check.

Well, I finally got a call back about an hour later from the Deputy that responded and this is what he told me. He said, "It's a good thing y'all called when you did.....I told him we were there to check on him and he told me oh, I'm just fine, yet it was then that I saw blood dripping from his wrist onto the porch, and when I asked him what happened he said, "I am trying to kill myself". The Deputy then called EMS and they took him to the ER and he ended up getting 7 sutures and that he had slashed long ways, which is more lethal.....

There is no doubt in my mind that it was Ginny's heartfelt concern for this man that prompted us to take further action. It was also her notes and memory of the phone call that actually led to us finding out where he lived....I shudder to think what would have happened, had Ginny not established rapport with this man and got him to admit that he was truly suicidal. Ginny is a kind person that is very caring. This comes through loud and clear on all our interactions....

Note: We at PAS give thanks to Ginny for taking the extra effort and helping someone get to see another Thanksgiving Day.

Thanks to all at PAS! And Thanks for taking such good care of us, the office staff and the Service Techs really enjoy speaking with your staff! Keep up the good work.....

Chris Ashe and all the staff!! :)

Survey Comments: Excellent service!


Survey Comments: Got the info I needed immediately. Even friendly. Well done

Survey Comments: Renee was very helpful!

Survey Comments: I have to rate this person very high due to the fact that she was very respectful, very professional and very knowledgeable on your products. Oh, and do not let me forget the response time was faster than I have ever seen. I was very impressed. Great Job !!! I Can not say enough on how nice and easy that went. It is taking more time to type this than it took to ask my Question.

Survey Comments: Very helpful! Thanks

Survey Comments: Irma was Great Thanks

Dear Professional Answering Service Team Members:

This letter is to commend you for the exemplary service that continues to be provided to us by Professional Answering Service. I feel that the least I can do is give this company a standing ovation for the professionalism that is portrayed on each and every call that is handled.

Recently I have had yet another opportunity to hear the gracious comments by our clients of how friendly, warm, and welcoming the people are that answer our phones. I had a client make statement about a young man that answered the phone and how he was so professional and welcoming. This young man made her feel relaxed as she was upset about some termite damage she recently found and was having some family come into town soon. Professional Answering Service spoke so highly of RightWay Remodelers and made her feel so welcome. Our clients should feel like they matter and that they are not just another job. If we do not put others before ourselves then we are really missing the calling God has for us. The first step is to providing a memorable first impression and for that I trust Professional Answering Service.

Thank you for living up to your name!

Prosperous Blessings, G. L. Bunker

Thank you VERY much for the response you sent. This is the nicest and most informative response I have ever received and I want you to know how much I appreciate it!

I called customer service today to praise your efforts to help me. I am going to take your suggestions and maybe before long, Walmart will be stocking this product again!

I am going to print your response to take with me to show the Manager at Walmart that I can find it in a competing store and maybe if he thinks he could possibly lose a customer, he might reconsider selling this product. I know it sold well for them because I bought it all the time. I like to keep at least a dozen boxes of it on hand.

I appreciate very much your efforts to assist me and I wish everyone was as helpful and kind as you.

Have a very nice day and again, THANK YOU!!!

Clay P. Customer

Our company started with Professional Answering Service about three months ago (maybe a little longer) and we are beyond pleased with the services provided.

Last year, we contracted with another answering service and not only were we dissatisfied with the level of service, but received several complaints from our clients. We were skeptical about investing time and money into another service but are so thankful we chose Professional Answering Service.

Our customers have provided us with some excellent feedback. I will definitely recommend your company to anyone in need of a professional and thorough answering service. Thank you!


E. Sandusky Office Manager

To PAS Staff:

Our sincere appreciation for the work you are doing at this time of an abundance of calls. We could not do it without you. We hope each and every one of you and your family fared well through the Hurricane.

Thanks again!

Scotty General Manager

To all of you at the Answering Service:

Thanks so much for taking care of us while we get back on our feet from the hurricane.

Betty Office Manager

Hey Melody,

I just wanted to give you a quick note back. Please let your folks know what a great job they have been doing! We appreciate them and how they helped through our hurricane time off and other days we end up closing early. Things have been going really well!

Sandee Practice manager

This letter is to acknowledge what a wonderful job your office is doing for our medical practice. We are very impressed with the quality of your services and your staff is very personable and always happy to help us at any time. Your office is professional and they do an excellent job.

Thank you so much,

T.K. Hines - Practice Administrator J.M. P. III M.D. and staff

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